Eco + Authentic. You can’t be any other way and neither can we.



How does a carpenter and a yoga teacher own and love sharing a unique wedding venue?

Honestly, John and I are so different from each other. We each have our own unique style, ideas, and personality. It’s our differences that let us create and recreate as we go. When I mentioned earlier that we’re built different from that ground up- seriously. That was no joke. If you and your beloved are anything like us you know that creativity and style 1. change and 2. are endlessly changing. That’s what’s so beautiful about it. It goes on forever.

The secret? We give each other space to be who we are. Well, we had to learn how to do that and the venue was and is our teacher.

ECO-mission: saving the world one wedding at a time

Change is constant so what’s the glue behind our venue? Our common values and conservation is the core of it. We wouldn’t have a business without it. We couldn’t do this just for the money. We’d feel like we were selling our souls. It needs to have a bigger purpose and a bigger impact on the world. This land is sacred to us and we consider ourselves stewards of it. It’s s historic ranch land! If you’ve lived in or around Austin for more than a hot minute you know how quickly it’s being developed.